Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meme - 6 things you didn't realise you wanted know about me (and couldn't be arsed about anyway)

These memes are multiplying at an alarming rate. One day I'll get you for this Karen .

So, six probably quite boring things that you don't really need to know about me, but read on if you've really got nothing else to do:

1. On my very first holiday on my own, a bus trip to Central Australia when I was 19, I earned the nickname 'Horizontal Helen' - and no, not for the reason you're all thinking (get your minds out of the gutter!), but because I'd spend almost the whole time we were travelling in the bus sprawled across 2 seats sleeping. I've always suffered from motion narcolepsy, put me in something moving and I'm gone - luckily this doesn't affect me when I'm actually doing the driving!
2. As a kid I was the biggest tomboy you ever met. I would have sold my soul to be a boy, and it was just so unfair that Mum wouldn't let me go around without a shirt and pee standing up. Then all those girlie hormones kicked in at about 13, and that was that. But I'm still not very girlie.
3. I might be middle aged but I still listen to JJJ, and buy and download current rock, indie and alternative music. The word eclectic was invented for my music collection. *
4. I once worked at the Gas Company transferring all the customer records to automated cards, making lots of little pencil marks that a very primitive computer could read. I lasted 3 months.
5. I'm actually very shy, but people who know me don't believe it.
6. I don't snore, absolutely not, never, it's impossible, and I can't understand why a certain person keeps telling me I do. And furthermore, I absolutely do NOT hog all the bed. **

* 3. (amended) I'm sad old fart who can't quite come to grips with this getting old gig, and am desperately trying to hang on to long lost youth any way I can.
** 6. (amended) I'm deeply self-delusional.


  1. I checked with Clancy and he's not saying whether you snore or not :). Of course he's snoring now as well - so that's Adam, Phoenix and Clancy all snoring their heads off around here. Sounds like it's going to be an interesting MWF year - maybe I should warn the earthquake monitoring people that the shaking in this neighbourhood is just the collective snorers.

  2. Clancy's a smart dog - he knows which side his bed's feathered on. :)

  3. We're more alike than I first thought, Helen.

    My first trip away on my own was also a bus trip to Central Australia. I didn't suffer from the sleep thing though.

    I met Mick on that tour btw.

    And I felt the same way as you when I was a kid too. Did you ever try to pee standing up? I did. Didn't go well.