Monday, June 30, 2008

Ned Kelly Awards reading update

The Ned Kelly Awards long list was announced a while ago, and some of us have decided to try to read as many as we can before attending the award night at Melbourne Writers Festival in August. Karen and Sunnie over on AustCrime have a head start on me, but I'm going to do the best I can. If you look at how many books are on the full list, you'll see that my efforts to date have been pretty pathetic, so I'm going to have to lift my game. happy smiley

So far I've read:

Best First Fiction
Frantic, Katherine Howell
Vodka Doesn't Freeze, Lea Giarratano

Best Fiction
Sucked In, Shane Maloney
Appeal Denied, Peter Corris
The Calling, Jane Goodall
Shatter, Michael Rowbotham

I have in my TBR
Cherry Pie, Leigh Redhead
Blood Sunset, Jarad Henry
Redback, Lindy Cameron

I prefer my crime fictional so haven't read any of the non-fiction/true crime, and probably won't. Let's see how I go with the others ...


  1. This is a noble quest Helen. I think my efforts are even more pathetic - I need to check. Keep reading. The problem is that other things, even life itself, get in the way

  2. Yah Helen for joining in. Luckily the True Crime list this year isn't long but I doubt I'll get to more than 2 / maybe 3 of them.

    Let us know what the books you've got on Mt TBR are if you get a chance.