Saturday, October 11, 2008

Davitt Award Winners

The winners of the Davitt Awards which were presented last night have already been announced on other blogs, and if you head over to Karen of AustCrime's post you'll find links to further information about all the winners:
  • Best crime novel - Katherine Howell for Frantic.
  • Best young adult - Mandy Sayer for The Night has a Thousand Eyes.
  • Best true crime - Janette Fife-Yeomans for Killing Jodie.
  • Readers choice award - Lindy Cameron for her editing of Scarlet Stiletto: the First Cut.
Congratulations to all!

I've only read Katherine Howell's book, and I can say it was a very well-deserved win. Frantic was a terrific read, and in the reading notes I made at the time I said:
Paramedic Sophie Phillips's life falls apart when her police officer husband, Chris, is gunned down on their doorstep, and their baby son is taken. The police believe the attack was motivated by Chris's involvement in, or knowledge of, police corruption. But Sophie thinks it may be a result of her own actions. With her husband in intensive care, Sophie cruises the streets trying to find her son. As the days wear on, an increasingly desperate Sophie enlists the aid of Chris's partner in a daring and dangerous plan to discover what has happened to her baby. The pace of this thriller was exhausting, and the sense of urgency kept me turning the pages at an ever increasing speed. Excellent first novel from an author to watch.

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